Cold Weather Skin Care

green leafed plant and items on white surface

Winter is coming and that poses special problems for our skin.  Humidity is lower, both indoors and outdoors, during this season.  Dry skin can result in roughness, flaking, itching, cracking and sometimes a burning sensation. As the largest organ of the human body, the skin has three layers that work together to protect our inner environment.…

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For The Love of Honey

For eons of years mankind has revered honey as a gift of the gods, naturally healing and of course, delicious. As far back as 8000 BC, remnants of wax were found in ancient Turkish cooking pots and in 6000 BC, rock art from Spain shows people harvesting honey. The Egyptians were skilled beekeepers in 2400…

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It All Begins With Self-Care

Caring for a friend or family member demonstrates love and commitment and can be very rewarding.  We want the best for them and will often place their needs above our own.  We think that putting others first is the best thing for them.  In reality, however, we cannot give our best when we are poorly…

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