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Hi, I'm Sharon, of Rose Sharon Gardens. I am an MD with a diverse interest in gardening, especially medicinal herbs, which I have been studying for more than 20 years and lately more intently, as a graduate of David Winston Herbal Studies. I started this website to help you pursue a more holistic lifestyle, through healthy choices and natural remedies!   I am here to share my knowledge of  traditional and herbal medicine as I take a deeper dive into  TCM, Ayurveda, Middle Eastern and Native American  Plant Medicine.

I am also here to share with my fellow herbalists, the Physical Medicine techniques for taking a thorough medical history and how to do a detailed physical exam. These techniques have been taught to student physicians for centuries, including:   How to do a case study and how to specialty exams, such as a complete neurology exam or eye exam, for example. I have 25 years experience teaching student health providers these basics, many of whom have gone on to do the same, in Family Medicine or other specialties.


I have two grown children, five grandchildren and one great grandson.  I understand the challenges that families face today.

I started a small farm a few years ago and grow fruits, berries, vegetables and medicinal herbs.  I make a lot of herbal remedies, too. I will be sharing my knowledge of organic gardening and permaculture methods and of course, how to make herbal remedies at home.

I have a dog, a cat and live along the Appalachian mountains and Delaware River in Pennsylvania.  It's beautiful here.  I feel the love that people have had for this land for thousands of years.  I live a simple, but glorious life here at Rose Sharon Gardens!

The take away from years as a healer and homesteader is knowledge that want to share with others.  From what I have learned so far, I have a pretty good idea where folks get stuck in their journey to health.

But what about you? Are you on a path to a more holistic approach to your health and wellness?

Are you a fellow student of herbal medicine that could benefit from some guidance on how to share your type of healing with others?

I'm here to share what I have learned in my studies and experience to help guide you to becoming a better version of you.

I hope you will make use of the menu options to guide you to your area of interest.

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Best of all it is all free; from me to you!

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My goal is to be a valuable resource and connection for you in your health journey.  I offer a holistic approach for lasting solutions.

Learn more about natural health solutions, how to become the best you! Gardening topics and herbals, too!